At Level Up, we are passionate about empowering your journey to peak health and happiness.

Level Up

Our Mission.

Level Up redefines wellness, offering a personalized experience that goes beyond conventional treatment. From infrared saunas, cold plunge, hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers, and specialized intravenous services, our treatments are designed to meet the unique needs of each person. We’re a transformative journey in health dedicated to elevating every body’s experience.

Level Up Founders

The Cutting-Edge Of Wellness

We challenge and reshape traditional notions of wellness, offering a progressive and personalized approach to health.

Peak Performance

Through a multifaceted approach, our cutting-edge modalities accelerate the body's natural healing response, reducing inflammation and promoting muscle repair.


Looking at the systems of the body holistically, we aim to create harmony within you that lasts a lifetime. We're here to give you the tools for a healthy, vibrant life that's both long and meaningful.

Our Founders.

Curt & Carol Ann Guest.

Curt and Carol Ann are passionate about educating and empowering others on the benefits of holistic alternatives. It has been a dream of Carol Ann's to open a wellness center for 12 years. This dream is being manifested!

Curt has spent 35 years in construction and Real Estate. He is a born entrepreneur and loves to share his knowledge and talents with others. Carol Ann has a Bachelor of Science degree with a minor in nutrition/health education.

She spent 18 years as a RDH and the past 12 years as a Holistic Health Coach. In 2022, Carol Ann suffered from a TBI. With Curt as her caregiver and Stef as her nurse, they explored so many modalities and now want to bless others with their knowledge.

Curt and Carol Ann are the parents of 6 amazing children, each making a positive contribution in the world. Their favorite title is Nana & Papa to 7 grand children... and many more to come! We are excited to help you elevate your health and wellness.

Carol Ann & Curt Guest
Stef Hunt

Stef Hunt.

I have been a registered nurse for over 14 years in the emergency department and a local intensive care unit.

Through the covid pandemic I realized the holes in our healthcare system and was inspired to start my own business doing mobile IV therapy.

The company evolved and I had the opportunity to partner with Carol Ann and Curt Guest to provide more wellness services to the community. My passion lies within helping others.

I truly am excited to be a part of your wellness journey and help optimize the community of St. George.

Our Values.

A commitment to transforming lives goes beyond next-level therapies and advanced technologies. Our core values embody the essence of our restorative wellness philosophy, shaping every aspect of the Level Up experience.

  • Client Centricity.

    We are dedicated to providing an unparalleled customer experience and prioritizing your well-being.

  • Innovation.

    As pioneers in the future of wellness, we stay at the forefront of new modalities of health. Committed to consistently delivering groundbreaking outcomes.

  • Transparency.

    We operate with integrity, ensuring transparency in our services, practices, and communication. With peer-reviewed research behind every practice.

  • Safety.

    Your trust is our assurance, and we spare no effort to uphold the highest level of safety at every step of your wellness journey.